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Copy/pasted from my Facebook:

Last night: got to see "Love's Labor's Lost IN SPACE" done by Theatre@First. Let me urge you all very strongly: GO SEE IT. There's one more performance left, today, at 4:00 p.m.

This production contains: humans in love, androids in love, a small cute child who is much smarter than the adults, live theremin music so you can tell it's science fiction, self-destructive idealists, strong independent young dorks who don't NEED no women even if they threw themselves at us, characters who are living Do Not Write Like This warnings, a pageant, a polearm fight, a green space babe, a man hugging a woman's knees while sensuously eating Twizzlers, women who demand the most out of love and won't settle for sappy generic poetry, a princess who's warm-hearted enough to fall in love but level-headed enough to put the needs of her country first, an orgy, a thing that I understand was not a tribble but a very small space deer, and the entire cast roaring the lyrics to "The Owl and the Cuckoo" to the tune of "Ground Control to Major Tom." I'm only sorry I didn't see it earlier in the run so I could urge more people to attend this show. I'd had no idea Love's Labour's Lost was so funny, and this was a great way to see it for the first time.

Tags: plays, plays: love's labour's lost, shakespeare, theater at first, theater: love's labour's lost
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