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I went out with the protestors in Boston, on the night of Wednesday, November 9th, to shout my disgust with every policy put forth by President-elect Fuckface von Clownstick and Darth Conversion. There was indeed a huge crowd; at the time the police scanners were saying six thousand people were present. I've since seen the number given as 10,000. I can't speak to that, but I am happy that there were also massive rallies in Chicago, Seattle, LA, and the Castro in San Francisco, among other cities. It was cathartic to march down the street hand in hand with my friend K., roaring, "My body, my choice!" and hearing mostly-male voices responding, "Their bodies, their choice!" Whatever horrors are in store, I liked that show of support.

We confirmed our commitment to the protection of undocumented immigrants in America, Muslims, trans people, LGBT+ people, and Black people/PoC. Now, time to live up to our vast promises. And include disabled and chronically ill people in the groups to defend, since no one spoke for them at the rally as far as I heard.

I am not going to say "It will be okay," because it's already bad and I have no idea what will happen. My impulse is to reassure everyone, but I'd be a Pollyanna. A friend-of-friends, tamnonlinear, took her own life after the election. She was chronically ill and expected that the new regime would end her healthcare. If you're hearing the news for the first time from me, I'm sorry. I only got to know her by reading her posts and her excellent website on Tam Lin-related folklore during the hours after her death was announced.  (aedifica is holding a memorial service for her at 2:00 PM today, at the Elephant & Castle pub.) Vile yahoos drove onto Wellesley College's campus to gloat and spit at black women. I'm not here to tell anyone how to react.

What I am here to do is listen, plan, and put plans into action. I appreciate your posts with ideas for action against oppression; please keep them coming. And comment here, if you don't want to make a separate post.

I'm good at talking big, and not great at following through. My challenge is going to be this: stay angry, find ways to use my relative privilege as a white cis woman living in a blue state, keep working, keep actively learning from people more vulnerable to the new regime, keep acting in support of American humans and American decency. Stay active: weeks from now, in January 2017, a year from now, two years from now.

Spite motivates me. I am A Poor and I don't expect that I'll have the money to donate to anything else in the near future, but I just sent a donation of $20 to Planned Parenthood "in honor of" Darth Conversion.

If you give them the mailing address for your honoree, they will send that person an acknowledgement in the mail. I merely state the simple fact.

*Verification of the quote: "My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right, and if wrong, to be set right." Carl Schurz's reaction to the mere statement, "My country, right or wrong."
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