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Oh man
Oh man oh man

I'm so glad I finally joined Tumblr.  After a shitty day, I got home, started goofing off online, and these pictures appeared on my dash.  *hearts in my eyes*

Crossposting my response to here, because LJ was where the important part of my fannish life took place.  Hey, f'list: is there anyone else out there still reading who remembers this part of fandom?  Gimme a shout, I want to high-five you!



I love you, cute gnarly dudes, I love you so much

You never forget your first fandom.  Mine was focused on minor characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, like Those Two Marines (they have names: Murtogg and Mullroy) and Those Two Villains, Pintel and Ragetti, the little bald tough guy and the skinny boy with the wooden eyeball. I shipped them so hard.  I shipped them with the shippiness of an entire Naval squadron.

Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook are the actors' names.  Arenberg plays a lot of monsters and baddies and aliens on TV, and Crook's having a lively career onstage.  You can bet I jumped up and down and squeed when the actors posted these selfies on MySpace (what can I say, it was 2007 or so).  I'm still a member of those comms on LJ even though they haven't seen activity for years.  We were practically a secret society.  There was even a secret code that meant "Pintel/Ragetti"--we called them "Moog."  There was no good reason.  It was just a nonsense word that one of the first shippers liked to use, and someone else thought it was a pet name, and it stuck.  MOOG 4EVA

We created enticing little glimpses of backstory for all the minor pirates and sailors and monsters.  We patted ourselves on the back for being the only wank-free part of the fandom, probably because we were so tiny everybody knew everyone else really well.  I once made a pilgrimage to New York to see Mackenzie Crook as Konstantin in The Seagull, and he was brilliant.

I once wrote a fix-it fic where Queequeg and Ishmael both survive the ending of Moby-Dick, and wash up on a beach where Pintel and Ragetti are beachcombing after surviving their own narrative, and they all drink tea and make friends and have guy talk.  It was so much fun.

*warm fuzzy gnarly briny tar-covered feelings*
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