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Have a little linkspam, I missed you

It gets harder and harder to start posting again every time I stop, because so much happens that I haven't told you about and I have this feeling of I MUST SUM UP EVERYTHING that would sound silly if I tried to explain it.  But the missing-friendslist got stronger than the feeling that I shouldn't skip, just now.

Some things I've enjoyed from far too much time on Tumblr and the internet in general in the last couple of weeks.

Mary Sue, what are you? The blogger explores the ways in which the term "Mary Sue" sucks rocks, and puts it more clearly and acidly than I've ever done.

A Dastardly Plot: a flowchart-style guide to plot basics.  Useful for anyone who likes to break storytelling down to its elements, and specially for those of us who know what a plot is but can't create one.  People like me like to say, "No one reads Shakespeare for the plot!" and "There are only six stories in the world, they keep getting retold."

"A New Fantastic Point Of View." It's a Disneyverse Sleeping Beauty one-shot comic that ships Maleficent/not telling.

Untitled original comic.  This is one of my favorite story motifs every: the un-thriller, where something dreadful turns out benign.

Sonder.  There's a word for that interest or sense of yearning I get from looking up at lighted windows at night or seeing someone peacefully leading their life as I drive past them in a town I'll never revisit.

Go on in the comments and recommend something silly or fun or thoughtful you've been enjoying lately.  I suppose this is what the mere whippersnappers use Tumblr for, but I like this format too much to change.
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